Tech Tuesday – Mac Users Are Less Snobby Then Linux Users

I get a lot of my ideas for stories from tech sites, like The Verge, and Slashdot. Lately more from Slashdot. But there was something I noticed while reading comments on stories they had posted. A lot of the Linux users were pretty damn snobby. 

OykrrbJA lot of people claim that Mac users are snobby, even elitist, and I can say I have met my fair share of them, but not all of them are. But it does seem like they mostly come from the Woodstock, NY area though. But that’s besides the point. Some of the people on Slashdot, who say Linux is THE best computer OS there is, seem to be the biggest assholes I can identify online. More so then the Mac ones I have had the unfortunate luck to cross paths with.

All they seem to do is go on and on about how everyone in tech lies, and Microsoft and Apple are evil. They have their failings, but I wouldn’t classify them as evil. They are businesses who are making money selling products to us the consumers, who buy them. But then they also go on to say that some less tech savvy consumers, don’t know what is going on. They have no clue of what is really happening with the big tech companies giving your info to the government, or selling it to third parties. Well then educate them in a way that they can understand. Otherwise, go back to compiling the latest kernel, and shut up. If someone ask me my thoughts on Apple, Microsoft, Google or whatever, I will them them what I think and why I think that. You guys seem to just bitch for the sake of bitching, and it’s annoying.

For the record, I use both operating systems. I use Mac for my day to day, and the Ubuntu Linux distro as my utility for running the studio in the Geek Cave and for some light gaming. But I never say one is better than the other, simply because, they all have their own strengths and failings. I think when you guys catch on to that, then you may start to see the snobbery you project.

Then again, I have to remember that this is the Internet and it’s like a wild west shootout. Wikipedia is never wrong and the only correct opinion is the one that author of the post, posts. If that’s the case, then Mac users are way less snobby than Linux users, and the government wants to give us all pretty ponies painted pink and blue.

’nuff said.

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  1. they aren’t snobby, they are just fed up with stupid novice mac users who act all superior because they own a mac

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