The Hoverboard Is Real, And Our ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Dreams Are Coming True

Marty McFly would be stoked. 

How cool is this? We have seen hoverboards in the movies and television. Usually it’s a mode of transportation in something set in the “near future.” Well that near future is finally here.

The board has been created by a start up company called Arx Pax. According to Gizmodo they basically made it for fun. The company is more focused on creating technology to better protect people and buildings from earthquakes and such.

Can you ride this board? Yes. But it doesn’t work everywhere. Gizmodo states, “it only floats above non-ferrous, highly conductive surfaces like copper or aluminum, since it works by rapidly electro-magnetizing the surfaces beneath it to actually lift off the ground.”

Will we see this on the market? I would have to guess that it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Right now the board weighs about 90 pounds, and like I said before it doesn’t float on all surfaces. However this is some serious progress.


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