Fastrax Raceway in Albany Closes With No Notice and Their Paychecks Are Bouncing

You know that cool go-kart racetrack on Washington Ave, in the Crossgates Commons? If you’ve never been there, you won’t get the chance ever again because it closed without notice. Their location in Poughkeepsie also closed up. And to make things worse, their former employee’s paychecks are bouncing. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.42.14 PMNo one really has any info on what is really going on. All that has been released is that the owners, who are based in Laguna Beach, California, haven’t been paying the bills, so the mall evicted them for not paying the rent. When employees showed up to work on October 2nd, they were met by people, who exactly I haven’t been able to figure out from any sources, and were told they no longer had jobs, then they just walked away. Not only are employees out of work, but people had events planned and paid for as well, which are now in limbo as they haven’t received any kind of return on the money they paid the company.

The website is still up and running, and there is even a blog post from October 7th, which is 5 days after the business was shut down! So what is going on? Were the owners that oblivious to what was happening with their finances? Was this a plan to shut down and run with the money because they knew how big a hole they were in? And what about the people that worked for them? What are they going to do about paying them what they owe?

I call shenanigans and seriously think these jack holes need to be found and something done. Maybe the New York Attorney General will get in on this and help these people who got screwed over.

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