Marvel Announces ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ For 2017

The announcements just keep coming from Marvel Studios. The third film in the Thor franchise has been confirmed, and it looks like it might not end well for everyone’s favorite God of Thunder. 



Could the end be coming for Thor and the Asgardians? If the announcement of “Thor: Ragnarok” is what we think it means, it certainly means that we’ll be seeing much, much less of Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel made the announcement earlier today, and the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige stated that ragnarok is very important within Norse mythology, where Thor is based out of it. It pretty much means the end of the world for Asgard. In the comics this particular story line took Thor and Asgard away for quite a while

We know only one person who would be happy about that.



In the past Marvel has teased that the Avengers, much like in the comic books, would be a revolving lineup. So we might not see Thor, or at least Chris Hemsworth as Thor, for a bit.

We already know that the MCU is head towards Civil War for the third Captain America movie, so this is just all leading up to what Marvel has planned for Avengers 3.


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