Saratoga Scare Fair Is Scary Fun

It’s the time of the year for all things scary. Halloween is almost upon us. Cable stations are showing horror movie marathons, there are many places having costume parties this weekend and there are many haunted houses to scare you half to death.

Scare Fair Facebook page

Scare Fair Facebook page

One of the best haunted houses out there is the Saratoga Scare Fair at the Saratgoa County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa. The Institute of Fear focuses on just that, Your fears! Do you get freaked out by clowns? How bout going to the dentist? Or maybe an ax wielding teddy bear? There are those things and more to get you jumping out of your shoes and screaming like a little baby!

I have gone the last three years that the Scare Fair has been going and it’s gotten bigger and better each year. I had the opportunity to head out this past Friday and even though I knew what to expect for the most part I still had to psych myself to not get freaked out. The funny thing is that I know the guy who runs it and my heart still starts beating faster as I step into the Institute.I was told that some people got so freaked out that they literally peed their pants.

This is the last weekend of the Scare Fair, so if you don’t have any plans on Halloween night or the night after check it out for a freaky good time! Check out there Website for more info!

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