Did You Buy Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Stupid Ass Book? Probably Not

You wanna know why? Because nobody bought that dumbass book that was based on a movie (in their minds) that was never made or will ever be made. 



As it turns out, people don’t really have a whole lot of faith in the writing – or lack of – ability of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. You know, the younger sisters of “celebrity” Kim Kardashian.

At one point in between looking at themselves in the mirror or eating a big bowl of lettuce (it seems to be all they ever eat on that horrid show) these two decided to ghost write a book called “Rebels: City of Indra.” It’s a science fiction novel (oh goody!) based on a couple of teenage girls who don’t realize they are twins? I don’t know, I won’t be reading it, and apparently I’m not alone.

Gawker reports that since it went on sale in June it’s only sold 13,000 copies. To which I say, IT SOLD 13,000 COPIES?!?! You people make me sick.

The book was actually written by Maya Sloan, who I assume dies a little inside each time one of the Jenner girls had an idea for the book.

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