The X-Cast: Episode 6 – Halloween Spooktacular

BJ, Monte, BIG Rich in The Geek Cave Studio

BJ, Monte, BIG Rich in The Geek Cave Studio

Hey kids, what time is it? Time for another episode of The X-Cast, with a Halloween theme. Let’s get to it shall we?

We had a quick guest appearance on the show, and got right into things with what we did for Halloween as kids. With BJ and Monte growing up in the “boonies”, and myself in a smaller city, you can guess that things were kind of similar. Or were they?! We also talked about some of our most memorable costumes and  I talked about one that made me think my parents were secretly members of a secret Walt Disney cult.

Then we got into a discussion on what we do now during Halloween. Parties? Maybe family get together? Or just hang out and play dress up with the pets? Yeah, that part of the conversation kind of threw me too, but trust me, listen to it, it’s worth it.

Then we put on our grumpy old man pants and talked about Halloween today and how much it’s changed since we were kids. I have no doubt our kids will say the same in another 20 years. After that, we talked about our Halloween themed Scary Villain Poll finalists, who are being announced today (Halloween). Make sure you check out who won! And wrapping things up, we talk about the candy we used to get when we went trick or treating as kids, and how that has changed as well.

All in all we had a blast with this episode, and we hope you enjoy it too! Happy Halloween

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