‘The Walking Dead: Slabtown’ Is The Worst Episode Of The Season So Far, Possibly Ever

Let me first start off by saying that I love “The Walking Dead.” It is easily one of my favorite shows in my history of TV viewing. However, season 5 episode 4 has got me shaking my head is disbelief. Spoilers ahead.



We’ve all been let down by something or someone that we love in the past. Last night for me it was the quality of the episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” They just lost me.

The name of the episode was “Slabtown.” We finally got to see what had happened to Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene. She disappeared in the final part of the second half of season 4. We find her in a hospital where she is kind of being held hostage my maniac police officers from Atlanta, GA.

It was nice to see what happened to Beth, but overall this episode was disappointing. Why? I think part has to do with the writing and directing, and part has to do with the fact that Beth is not a strong enough character to center an episode around.

I do think that Emily Kinney did a great job portraying her character, but it’s the other stuff that I take issue with.

15 minutes into this episode I found myself bored with the topic. We get it. Beth is trapped.

One classic thing that “The Walking Dead” does every once in a while is introduce to characters that we don’t care about. That’s how I feel about the hospital staff in this episode. The introduction of them just seemed sloppy and forced.

We have Dawn, who is clearly in charge. Then we have the doctor. He seems like he wants to do the right thing, but he also is looking out for his own ass. Dawn commands a bunch of misogynistic cops who take advantage of the females they “rescue” by making them have sex with them. It’s basically a rape hospital, which is probably way more scary than walkers attacking you.

The whole premise with this hospital is that they help you, and then you stay at the hospital to work off your debt. That’s explained to Beth by Noah, who she aids in helping escape.

One of the only parts of the show that I liked was when potential rapist, Gorman (or officer lollipop), gets what is coming to him. He attempts to rape Beth, only to be killed by a walker – a female patient/hostage who he frequently used to rape. Justice.

So then we get to Beth’s escape attempt with Noah. Can I just ask who came up with this horrible plan? Use a cartoon-like escape method of tying sheets or towels together and jump down a hole. Awesome. Also, why did Beth belly flop face first into a pile of dead bodies? I mean, she didn’t need to do that. Gross.

The episode ends with Beth ready to stab someone only to see Carol being wheeled in. Episode over. Thank god.

I just feel betrayed. I have defended “The Walking Dead” in the past against haters and comic book purists. But not even I can defend this episode. It was just awful. I’m hoping that they turn it around and the whole hospital thing pays off.

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  1. “…part has to do with the fact that Beth is not a strong enough character to center an episode around.” Yes, that I will give you. I don’t hate Beth, but she’s far from my favorite character. Not every character has to equal, but she pales in comparison to the likes of Maggie, Michonne, Carol and even Andrea. Kinney does the best with what she’s given, but I haven’t found Beth compelling enough of a character to care about. I think she was much better here than she was in “Still” since she didn’t spend most of the episode complaining. I just want her to show some spine. While the escape was a bit too easy, I did like Beth’s smile as Noah escaped. As crappy as her situation is, someone at least got out. So…not a bad episode, but far from great. I hesitate to call it the worst episode of the season since we’re only four episodes in and this is just the first half.

  2. Man I couldn’t agree more it felt like a bad show on the Syfy channel just sooooo terrible

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