Is Superman Going to Kill The President in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?”

It’s some interesting information, but leads us to exactly why Batman is attempting to take on the Man of Steel in the upcoming DC comics flick. 

DC/Warner Bros

DC/Warner Bros

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” had us a bit confused as to the title. Was it going to be a brawl between the two DC Comics titans like in the Frank Miller “Dark Knight Returns” story? I think now that we see this information the answer is no.

Cinema Blend posted that someone from the set gave away some potentially spoiling information from the movie, and it could be the big set up.

The second scene I was involved in was situated in a half-stadium style set surrounded by tall green screen walls. Henry Cavill was on set dressed as Clark Kent, but did not film with us that day. This scene was a parade scene to take place in ‘Washington D.C,’ obviously the CG effects for the surroundings would be placed in post-production. The parade, we were told, was the funeral for the President of the United States.

With everyone dying for more tidbits from these upcoming films this finally might tell us why these two are going to be enemies to start the film.

My speculation is that something terrible happens and Superman comes to the rescue, but he fails. The attempted save ends up looking like Superman is actually responsible for the death of the president. That’s when Batman comes in to confront him.

Obviously the fight won’t last, and we’ll get to see the rest of the Justice League form at some point in the film. Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman are already said to make appearances. I’m guessing that it’s going to be the major villain of the film’s plot to get these two at each other’s throats in hopes that they both bring each other down.

What’s your take on this new information? Is this why Batman and Superman are facing off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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