Man Will Be Eaten Alive By Anaconda On New Reality Show

Reality TV survival shows have always been a favorite of mine. However no one on those shows were ever eaten alive by a giant snake – for science!

This is 100% the craziest idea I’ve ever heard of.

So being buried alive would be one of my biggest fears, but being eaten by a snake and slowly digested is a close second.

If you thought that watching Nik Wallenda risk his life walking on a tight rope between skyscrapers was good TV, “Eaten Alive” will be even crazier to watch.

Basically what they’re going to do is cover this guy in pig blood to make him as “appealing as possible” for this snake to eat. Sounds pretty crazy. I’m going to be impressed to see this snake eat a full grown man. I know that anacondas are big and all, but damn. That’s an – awful lot to chew on.  

Yes I’m fully aware that I am the worst.

“Eaten Alive” will be on Discover as part of their Mega Week on December 7th.

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Just a man with a computer, smartphone and a ridiculous amount of pop culture knowledge.

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