Michael Kay Calls Mike Francesa A Liar – “Maybe YES Wanted a Show Where the Host Doesn’t Fall Asleep On The Air?!”

For as long as I can remember Mike Francesa was some part of a simulcasted radio show on the YES network. That all ended this year when they didn’t renew the agreement.

There was a lot of speculation about why Francesa was no longer part of the network. Some thought that it was because of an exclusive interview he did with A-Rod when he directly asked him about his use with performance enhancing drugs.

Michael Kay, the play-by-play guy for the New York Yankees took over that simulcast spot with his existing radio show from ESPN in New York. Francesa had said that the reason why YES no longer wanted him was because they wanted access to a show where they could control the creative content.

That didn’t sit very well with Kay, who calls Francesa a liar on air.

Michael Points out two very important reasons why Francesa was actually let go from the network simulcast.

  1. The show wasn’t generating any money for the net work
  2. Kay’s ratings are better than Francesa’s ratings on the network
  3. Mike Francesa is so boring he puts himself to sleep

Yes, that’s right.



Michael Kay wants one point made clear – and it has nothing to do with YES wanting to control the content. Francesa is creating controversy to cover up the real reason he was let go which is that people were sick of him.

Good for Michael Kay.

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