Anthony Daniels Says ‘Episode VII will be Bigger Than Empire’

A lot of Star Wars fans, myself included, believe that Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, is the best Star Wars movie. Period. So it kind of threw me a curve ball when I read Anthony Daniels, fresh off of filming the new Star Wars movie said this one will be better then Empire. Can he be right?

anthony-daniels-c3poWe still don’t know much about the plot of the movie except speculation and rumor. But from what I have read, if any of it is true, this movie could be a close contender for the title of best Star Wars movie. But we’re still at least a year out from knowing for sure. It’s just going to be agony for me to have to wait and see. I guess I really have no other choice but to just hurry up and wait.

In the mean time, we still have plenty of rumors to read and I’m sure more news will be coming from Lucasfilm soon, as well as a teaser trailer. Anything you’re hoping to see in that trailer? Share in the comments.

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