Cannibal Kills Woman, And Literally Eats Her Face

First Ebola happens and now a person eats someone’s face and he’s not even on drugs. Is the zombie apocalypse closer than we think? It appears so. 

Nainerouge (aka Chicca, aka...)/Flickr

Nainerouge (aka Chicca, aka…)/Flickr

This is a story straight out of the “Criminal Minds” archives. A man known as “Fifi” was found in his hotel room by security in the process of eating a young woman’s face.

The woman, a 22 year-old named Cerys Marie Yemm, was found with injuries at the scene and pronounced dead. It probably had something to do with the fact that a MAN WAS EATING HER FACE.

“Fifi”, known legally as Matthew Williams, was just released from prison two weeks earlier. Maybe the food wasn’t as good in the real world as it was in the joint?

Williams was tased at the scene by police when the broke down the door to find him eating her eyeball. Yuck. He became “unresponsive after the arrest” and died from being tased.

I mean, let’s be honest. The world is 100% better off without this guy.

You see that? That’s why Rick killed Gareth and the people fro Terminus. So that shit like this doesn’t happen.


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