Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Confirms: Shazam Will Be ‘Independent’ From Other DC Comics Movies

Just as we think that DC Comics is going to give us something that we want, they disappoint us before they even get going. The news that The Rock broke this week confirms some very bad news about the upcoming “Shazam” movie. 

DC Comics

DC Comics

The Rock will be portraying Black Adam in the Shazam movie that is due out in 2019. When DC made their announcement about the 10 films they are planning on doing through 2020 we knew that Shazam was coming. What we didn’t know is how it would tie into the Justice League structure that they currently trying to establish.

Short answer – It won’t.

In a recent tweet The Rock told a fan who asked a question about Shazam and if it would be more of a fun movie than Zack Snyder’s DC universe, he said that Shazam was “NL/DC property.” He also hashtagged #Independence. He did “guaran – damn-tee” that it woudl be a fun movie though. Basically it will have nothing to do with the rest of the DC Comics cinematic universe.

Shazam is going to be put out by New Line, and not Warner Bros like the rest of the films. So is New Line attempting their own DC universe with Shazam at the center?

Why the hell does DC have to do this? Clearly there is no game plan here.

I am holding onto hope for the Justice league Universe to stay in tact, but what’s the point of this movie if you’re just going to say it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme? Their already existing television universe will also likely not tie into their movies either.

I know that the X-Men are currently separate from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at least Fox is going to tie Deadpool in with the X-Men world on film. They aren’t just going to let it sit there on its own.

*Sigh* Now you see why I’m not ready to trust DC Comics yet?

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