Watch The Viral Video That Got a Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy Suspended

It was the video that everyone was either watching or posting the last few days. A Saratoga County Sheriff displayed some disturbing behavior during an encounter with a couple of young men. 

The video went viral thanks to Live Leak, and exposed this cop slapping the man, and yelling at him. It all stemmed from the fact that the officer had seen the two men walk out of the woods, and over to there car parked by a nearby business.

The officer in question Sgt. Shawn Glans who is a 27 year veteran of the force. He says that he saw a .22 caliber rifle in the vehicle, and it was suspicious that the two men had walked out of the woods. Glans told the Times Union that there was more to the encounter than what was just caught on tape. At that point it’s a “he said, she said” situation.

A receipt for the rifle in question was presented by the young man, and showed that he had purchased the weapon earlier in the day. They say that they parked the car by the business and were coming from a party that was nearby.

Right or wrong, the officer went way out of bounds when he slapped the guy, and also swearing at him.

Sgt. Glans has been suspended by the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office without pay.

Update 2:18 pm

News 10 reports that Sgt. Glans resigned from his position earlier this morning. Saratoga county Sheriff Michael Zurlo said that there is an internal investigation going on as well.

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