Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick Post Hilarious KKK Joke Meme

Because KKK jokes are always funny, right?

@letthelordbewithyou, Instagram

@letthelordbewithyou, Instagram

Another instance of “Maybe you shouldn’t post everything you think is funny.”

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed last night I saw that Scott Disick had posted this photo. I showed it to my wife, and we both had the “Ha, but that’s kind of inappropriate” reaction.

I originally thought that Lord Disick was the person who came up with this, and it would make sense. Scott is the best part of the horrible show, and he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks. But it was Khloe who posted it first on twitter. According to Gawker, she has since deleted tweet.

Are Scott and Khloe racist? No. Are they idiots? Yes. This is the downside to a celebrity doing their own social media. It’s a publicist nightmare.

The person most affected by this drive-by memeing was Kim Kardashian who attempted to break the internet with her bare ass. Unfortunately this stole all the thunder online. Sorry, Kim.

On another note, there seem to be some overly racist people following Scott. That’s a little surprising since I didn’t think that racist.

Do you think that this was inappropriate for them to post?

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  1. Yes, this is inappropriate. You are right , a publicists nightmare. If they hire someone now, they would have to charge them double to recover this one.

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