Kirk Cameron Delivers Weird Message To Moms About Christmas

Hey remember when Kirk Cameron was Mike Seaver and had a pal named boner? How about when he was a computer who wore tennis shoes? Yeah, those were the days. 

Cameron took to Facebook to tell moms that no matter how terrible or stressed they feel this holiday season they need to get their shit together for the sake of everyone around them.



Click to watch video

The Kirk Cameron of now is a weirdo. Did you know that he has a new movie coming out?

NO!? That’s shocking, because it’s surely going to be delivered straight to DVD and shown at millions of churches near you. Though to be fair, most churches also probably hate Kirk Cameron.

Oh did I mention he made this video basically to promote his new movie called “Saving Christmas?”

Not sure why he couldn’t have just said “Hey it’s me Kirk Cameron. Please come check out my new movie called “Saving Christmas.” Thanks, and God bless.” Instead he went on some weird rant about a wife’s role in the house.

If I were a mom, I would be offended. As a matter of fact I hope my mom is offended. If you don’t feel up to drinking eggnog and singing carols, then sit it out. No one is making you, especially Kirk “Jesus Christ Superstar” Cameron.

Also, no one is going to see this movie.

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