If You’re Gay and Enjoy Soccer, You Might Be Out of Luck For the 2022 World Cup

In 2022 the Fifa World Cup takes place in Qatar in the Middle East and if you happen to be gay, you might not be welcomed with open arms. 

Fifa Facebook

Fifa Facebook

According to the Associated Press, the sports minister in Qatar is trying to stay close to their ethical values while bringing the World Cup to the Middle East – something they really need. He also wants to make it a HUGE event. But he doesn’t want it to be gay.

You see, gay sex is illegal in Qatar. If you thought that homosexuals were persecuted in the United States, getting marriage legal is the least of their problems. How about the right to live? I guess you can be gay, but if you start having gay sex in the stands then they will throw you in jail.

Prior to 2004 the punishment for engaging in gay sex – male on male, or female on female – is up to five years in prison. In 2004 they decreased it 1-3 years.

Alcohol is also highly restricted in Qatar, making it a battle with Fifa on how to sell beer within the stadiums during the World Cup games. When asked about how Qatar might handle gay fans coming to watch the games he said that it would be similar to how they handle alcohol. Because equal rights and alcohol sales are right in line with each other.

You would think that Fifa would step in and say “Hey, you can’t discriminate against our fans!” Nope. They said people should probably just avoid having gay sex at the 2022 World Cup. Way to take a stand. Fifa was willing to fight to sell beer, but not to make sure that rights aren’t violated.

I’m sure it will be better in 2018 when the World Cup is in Russia where gay people are also not welcomed.

Perhaps next time Fifa should consider holding the World Cup in countries that a bit more hospitable to the rest of the human race.

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