Marvel Has The Punisher Back. I Want a New Punisher Series with Thomas Jane!

Yes, the man who dishes out his own style of justice is back at “The House of M”, and we already caught an easter egg for him in S.H.I.E.L.D. So will he be in his own series? They should make it, and with Thomas Jane! Here’s why.

Frank Castle is one bad ass that should have a series. Not on TV mind you, but Marvel should make him into a Netflix series. They have a lot more creative freedom on Netflix compared to broadcast TV. Let’s face it, he kills people, and that is not something suited for the kiddies at 8pm at night. Even 10pm is kind of a stretch.

The other nice thing too, with the Punisher right back with Marvel, we can see him tangle with some of the other Marvel characters to be a part of the bigger Marvel Universe. Daredevil of course comes to mind. They have tangled on a few occasions, and it would be nice to see that happen on my screen.

And who should play Frank? Thomas Jane of course! He played Castle in the 2004 version of the movie. A damn sight better than Dolph Lundgren, and much better than Ray Stevenson. And fans liked Jane’s version I think way more out of all the versions. And if that is not enough, a fan film was made in 2012 that shows that Jane is still the guy to play Frank Castle.

So come on Marvel, if you are bringing him back, sign up Jane and let’s give Castle what he really deserves.

’nuff said..

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