Stores May Face A Fine If They Don’t Open on Thanksgiving

Many stores have faced a backlash for saying they will be opening on Thanksgiving Day to accommodate those Black Friday shoppers. Now, one group that owns quite a few malls, including Crossgates and Crossgates Commons, says it may fine stores that do not open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

black friday fightFining a store for not complying with mall hours is not unusual. You may remember the backlash Crossgates received last year when stores closed early during a major snowstorm to allow their workers to go home, yet then faced substantial fines for doing so. I worked that day at Crossgates. We did not close early and a normal 15 minute commute home turned into about an hour.

Many stores in malls are small companies and end up being forced to open because they can’t afford a fine.

So far there have only been reports from stores at the Walden Galleria near Buffalo, also owned by Pryamid, that if they don’t open they will face fines. Pyramid Management has yet to confirm this.

I will be staying on top of this story and bring you the latest information as I find it out!

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  1. I hope they fine Apple, just so Apple can say “screw you. we don’t need you… you need us” and then they leave grossgates…

  2. Crossgates is a joke with some of the stupid shit they do…. u know the management/office people for the mall won’t be there at 6pm they will be having thanksgiving…. rich u know how I feel about that mall…. ps rich I miss the lunch dates everyday lol

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