Christmas Time – What Credit Cards Are Worth It?

It’s that time of year. You’re out shopping for those perfect Christmas gifts. You’re in a hurry going from store to store. You probably dismiss those offers from associates inviting you to apply for a store credit card. Are you making the right decision? has profiled five credit cards that may be worth the extra hassle at the register to apply for.

creditcardsKohl’s Charge Card – says the 20 percent discount on your next purchase is larger than the typical reward and the discounts are generous.

Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard – Cardholders get six months of deferred financing on purchases of $149 or more, 18 months for $429 purchases, or 24 months for purchases over $799. Also, cardholders receive 5 percent off of all purchases.

Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card – This card offers 5 percent off of all purchases and multiple special financing options.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – Shoppers who spend $250 a year get “Angel VIP” status and qualify for rewards worth 4 percent of spending.

Walmart Credit Card – According to, the Walmart credit card doesn’t offer much in terms of rewards, but is great for people who are trying to rebuild their credit since it’s easy to receive approval.

Do you have any credit cards that you think are worth the extra time at the register to apply for?

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