19 Kids And Counting in Trouble?

Let this be a lesson to you – be careful what you post on your Facebook page. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may be learning that the hard way as now thousands have signed a petition to have 19 Kids and Counting canceled!

duggarsIt all started back in September when Jim Bob and Michelle put a request on their Facebook page for married couples to send in photos of themselves kissing. A seemingly harmless request – until they were accused of deleting pics posted by interracial or same sex couples.

Jim Bob and Michelle defended their decision to remove photos they deem offensive, claiming that they “stand for truth and values” and will continue to do so “without compromise.”

That stance may cost them their show.

An online petition titled “End LGBTQ fear Mongering By the Duggars” is being circulated with the goal of convincing the network to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. The petition has received nearly 6,000 signatures since it began circulating.

In my opinion – we live in America, right? Land of the free? That means people can have their own beliefs and their own values. But then again – if the Duggars weren’t prepared to see ALL of the photos of married couples kissing, then they shouldn’t have put the request out for people to send them in.

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  1. “That means people can have their own beliefs and their own values.”

    Yup. But that doesn’t make them free from criticism. And it doesn’t mean they get, or get to keep, a tv show.

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