Agents of SHIELD: “The Things We Bury” – Review, Thoughts and Theories

We got a lot more information from the latest episode of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.” Including knowing a little bit more about Skye’s origin. 



“The Things We Bury” answered a lot of questions for us, including who Grant Ward really is. The answer to that is he is one sick son of a bitch, but we’ll get back to that.

It’s time to venture back in time to 1945, and a little bit more with Agent Peggy Carter. Marvel continues to set up the “Agent Carter” series via “SHIELD” which makes perfect sense. I really like how they are tying them into each other.

We learn that Daniel Whitehall (Kraken) was being held in an SSR prison called The Rat back in 1945 where he was questioned by Agent Carter. This is where he reveals that the obilesk is some sort of device that chooses who lives and who dies. Basically something like Thor’s hammer. You have to be worthy. Those who aren’t are seemingly turned to stone.

Before he was captured by SHIELD after the Red Skull’s defeat he was experimenting on people from a village in China where he discovers a young woman (portrayed by Whedonverse vet Dichen Lachman) who can touch the obilesk. Before he can experiment on he he is captured. Kraken is held in The Rat until Hydra operatives within SHIELD break him out in 1989. Now we see some of the timeline meet up being that was when Skye was born.

Kraken returns to the village and finds that same woman, unchanged. She hasn’t aged in over 40 years. So Kraken, now much older, begins to experiment on her. he takes every major organ out of her, I think that he puts them into himself discovering a sort of fountain of youth. So this explains the not aging. They ask what he took from her, and he replies that he took everything that he could.

We later learn that this woman is the wife or lover of Kyle MacLachlan’s character, who just happens to be Skye’s father. So was this woman Skye’s mother? This would throw my May is Skye’s mother theory out the window if this is the case, but it’s not yet determined.

In the meantime Hunter and Mockingbird are busy interrogating Kraken’s right hand man while Coulson and company are out trying to infiltrate a base to get more information on the city they discovered the Kree blueprints lead to. What that city is remains to be seen, many speculate that it could be Attilan, myself included. Other’s think that it could be Wakanda (Black Panther’s home) or possibly Atlantis and give us a tie into Namor. I doubt it’s the last one, but Marvel’s thrown curve balls at us before.

During the interrogation the team (Hunter, Mockingbird and Simmons) discover the true nature of Dr. Whitehall and expose that information to his right hand man, who attempts suicide after he learns that SHIELD knows more about Kraken than he thought. I don’t think he is dead because they said they won’t let him go out that easy.

Coulson, Triplett and Fitz are on the ground doing their mission, while Skye is back at the home base doing her hacker thing. Coulson and company are set up, because Hydra some how knew they were coming. Triplett ends up shot, and then a doctor shows up just in time. That doctor happens to be Skye’s father who uses saving Triplett’s life as leverage. Him and Coulson get into a major confrontation where he reveals himself, but ultimately gets away.

It’s important to note that it looks like Kraken has been holding Skye’s dad as a prisoner since he brought him the obilesk a few episodes to go. He also already knows about the city, and it looks like Kraken set him out to meet up with Coulson not by chance. Let’s see how this plays out.

Now let’s talk about Ward. Oh, Ward. He really is evil. He kidnaps and confronts his brother, who he blames for a lot of his emotional damage. We also learn that Ward had a pretty wacky upbringing. It’s suggested that his parents were abusive, but not to his youngest brother. His older brother, Christian, wanted the younger brother dead because his parents showed favor to him.

So Ward makes him dig up the well that Christian threw his brother into. Ward tells him he only wants the truth because Christian keeps saying that Ward is the one who let him die. It isn’t until Ward is about to throw Christian into the well that he admits that he did want the younger brother dead. Ward pulls him up, says he forgives him, and then says he’s bringing him home. Happy ending, right?


The news flashes up saying that the bodies of Christian Ward and his parents were found inside of a burning home. Ward literally murdered his entire family. What the what?

We then find Ward sitting down with Kraken telling him he could use his services, and Skye’s father joins them. Clearly the three of them are teaming up, but they are certainly not a team. They are all out for their own interests, but all of them revolve around Coulson.

  • Kraken wants the obilesk to turn it into  weapon
  • Skye’s father wants the obilesk, or the “diviner”, to turn himself into a god among men
  • Ward is just out to get anyone who has wronged him, and he believes that Coulson is one of those people. Plus there’s the whole twisted obsession with Skye.

We’re left hanging for the next two weeks until the show comes back, but where do think they are headed? Is the city going to be revealed?


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