Disney Delivers First Trailer For 2015’s ‘Cinderella’

The Cinderella story has been done over and over, but Disney is taking its magic from the animated classic and giving it another go with a live action film in 2015. You can watch the first trailer now.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and the tale of Cinderella helps to fuel that burning desire. Anything is possible. It’s a great motto to live by. But is it possible to get us interested in yet another telling of Cinderella?

I would say the answer is yes.

With countless amounts of children who have yet to see it, and adults who lvoe the story Disney might have more gold on their hands.

Despite criticism for this summer’s “Maleficent” Disney made some serious money on the live action fair tale. The biggest problem with that is there wasn’t a whole lot of source material to work with, more or less just Disney mythology.

Cinderella on the other hand has a ton of source material. They primarily seem to be pulling from aspects of the classic animated feature from the 1950’s.

The last time we had a live action attempt at Cinderella it starred Drew Barrymore in “Ever After.”

Cinderella hits theaters March 2015.

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