Bill Cosby’s Biggest Problem Is Staying Silent

Whether or not the allegations against comedian and pudding pop pusher, Bill Cosby, are true or not he has chosen the wrong way of dealing with this issue. 

The Associated Press is a well respected news organization. So when they sat down with Bill Cosby on November 6th for an interview and asked him about the alleged sexual assault charges against him he wouldn’t comment. I suppose that’s better than the radio interview he did recently where he just shook his head when asked the same questions.

Cosby’s life is crumbling before us. So if he is innocent he needs to say something. He may have been instructed by lawyers to stay quiet, or not to comment but it’s not doing anything but hurting him when it comes to the public’s opinion on the once beloved actor and comedian.

Public opinion might be differently if Cosby would address the issue. Staying quiet is almost as good as saying that you’re guilty these days. Even if he is guilty, admitting it might make things easier in the long run. Mum should not be the word. It makes it look like you’re hiding something.

The history of sexual assault allegations against Cosby are pretty crazy. It’s not just one woman, it’s multiple women. That includes former super model Janice Dickinson. Most of the accounts were that Cosby drugged them and then proceeded to rape them.

That sort of thing really ruins the “all-American dad” image that Cosby has maintained since the 1970’s.

It’s gotten so bad that two potential shows, one on NetFlix and one on NBC, have been dropped.

I grew up watching Bill Cosby, and I’m sure you did too. However, just because someone is beloved does not make them immune to facing the music. You have to sleep in the bed you made. Let’s just hope Bill Cosby hasn’t drugged you into that bed.

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