Local Casino Prospect Dangles $150K In Front Of Local Children Like A Carrot

There is low, and then there is this. 

Capital View Facebook

Capital View Facebook

This is just awful. On Monday night the Boys and Girls Club of Albany held their first Thanksgiving dinner. In attendance were the good people of the Capital View Casino project based in East Greenbush, NY.

Places like the Boys and Girls Club are great organizations and need all the help they can get. So imagine the amazement when Capital View gave them a check for $150,000. Wow! What a generous donation. BUT, they can only have this generous donation if they are granted one of the casino licenses from the State.

According to CBS 6 in Albany, they asked the  spokesperson for the Casino what happens to that donation if they don’t get the license? They said that they would casino would still support the Boys and Girls Club, but tonight was all about Capital View.

Unbelievable. Why even give them the check? A terrible attempt to make themselves look good.

This is how I see this playing out. They will say that if they don’t get it, the Governor took $150K away from the children.

Hands down one of the shittest things I’ve ever heard.

The announcement of who will get the casino license in the Capital Region is expected to be announced on 12/17/14. Let’s hope it’s anyone but them.

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