‘Agents of SHIELD: Ye Who Enter Here’ Episode Recap

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been exploring the Kree alien technology since the end of season one, but we got to see a whole lot more in last night’s “Ye Who Enter Here.”

Nothing sets a tone for something like a creepy dream sequence. Skye may have seen a glimpse of her past unintentionally at the beginning of SHIELD on Tuesday night. But was it real, or was it just what her mind wants to believe?

One thing is certain – May and Coulson have a long history with Skye.

baby skye


The quest for the the mystery city continues in this episode. All of the questions that we have about the Kree and their history on earth will be answered once the team gets to the city. Or at least will start to be answered.

Raina and Skye had a little meeting where she told Skye all about the Kree and how her people come from a long line of people who believe the “blue angles” came from the sky. Raina can touch the obliesk, and she also believes that Skye can touch it. So what does that make them? Alien? Raina says no. So it brings the Inhuman question into play again. I (and most of you) am almost certain that Skye and her father are Inhumans. he just seems a little crazier. Skye’s mother was also likely and Inhuman.

As far as the city goes, it’s not Atlantis, so there goes any hope of Submariner popping up on SHIELD (for now). They ind of laughed off the idea of the legendary underwater city in the episode. It’s also not Wakanda, because we all know that city is located in Africa. So that really leaves on option – Attilan.

Attilan is the city where the Inhumans live. It’s also a floating city, and this city in underground. I was ready to dismiss the idea of Attilan too, until I got this tweet from one of our followers.

Very interesting. Thanks, Josh.

In the episode we learn that unless you are “worthy” you cannot enter the city. So what exactly does that mean? Does it mean you have to be engineered as worthy? Clearly Mac was not worthy. Going down the rabbit hole changed him, and not for the better.

Also, Attlain is a floating city. This city is underground which lead to think that maybe it’s not Attilan either. That is until I read this tweet from one of our followers.

Mac’s fate is not yet known. After coming up from the hole and attacking Coulson and co., Mockingbird managed to subdue him, only to have him fall back down the 100 foot hole. Dead? Maybe, but who knows what the Kree symbols did to change his body.


Quick theory: Mac got really angry. There also happens to be another character on the show that seems to have anger issues. That would be Skye’s father, the Doctor. So, did he enter this lost city, have the same thing happen to him and learn to control it? I’ll just let this one marinate.

So let’s talk about Ward. The dude is a bad guy, but is he all bad? Some how I see a Darth Vader type story arch happening here. He’s playing for team big bad, but I think in some weird way he is trying to protect Coulson and his former SHIELD friends. That’s why he let the plane go after taking Skye with him, and that’s why he dropped Fitz and Simmons to the bottom of the ocean instead of just letting them die.

ward 2


Ward is clearly flawed, but I think by the end of the season he will be working his way back into their good graces. They won’t fully trust him, but they won’t fully not trust him either. I personally think he has infiltrated Hydra in order to help keep Skye alive. That seems to be his mission, keep Skye alive.

So where does it all leave us? Heading straight for one awesome mid season finale next week?

But what do you think? Is the city Attilan? Is Ward trying to save them without breaking his bad guy character? Let me know in the comments section below.


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