Mariah Carey Can’t Sing Anymore, And We Should All Get Over It

In the 1990’s Mariah Carey had the voice that everyone wanted. However years and years of singing the way that she does has to take a toll, and unfortunately people don’t stay young forever. 

Being an entertainer is hard.  Being a good entertainer forever is extremely hard. People get used to you doing things a certain way, and when you can’t anymore it frustrates your fans. I think that people need to chill out about Mariah Carey though.

Last night she performed at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting, and it was not great. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Now the beginning of the song wasn’t so bad. A little pitchy, dog. Overall though, not bad. But it’s when Mimi gets into the song and those signature high notes where she runs into trouble. I think a case for lip syncing can be made here.

Right around the 2:35 mark on the video though Mariah’s voice officially calls it a day and decides to just leave her high and dry. In her defense she’s going through a divorce and likely hasn’t practiced singing as often as she should. Also, when was the last time she was on tour?

Let’s let Mariah be. God knows we hear this song one million times on the radio in it’s perfect form.

While she might have left her voice back home, she brought her boobs with her. Maybe that’s the trouble. He voice got lost on the way up because of those speed bumps.

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