California Drought Means Shortage In Avocados

The state of California is currently experiencing its worst drought in 1,200 years. Yeah, that is a big number. The drought will also affect the production of certain California things – avocados being one of them. 

im-horngry, tumblr

im-horngry, tumblr

I know quite a few people that are totes obsessed with avocado. There is no denying its health benefits, and mixed up with some cilantro, onion, tomatoes and some spices it makes one hell of a dip. But could we soon be without this new super trendy food?

Thanks to the lack of water in California you can expect that there will be a shortage of avocados coming our way. California accounts for 95% on avocados grown in the United States. So with the current drought, and the inevitable climate change, California farmers might soon be growing far less avocados.

According to Mic, it takes 74 gallons of water to produce just one pound of avocados. Just one pound! Obviously that water could be of better use elsewhere. So as a California farmer, is it worth it to even keep growing these?

It’s not like we are going to see avocados disappear, but we will definitely see the prices continue to rise.

Eat them while you can, because you might soon be looking for the next trendy food that hipsters and health nuts tell you to chomp down on.

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