Tech Tuesday – Did Sony Deserve to Get Hacked? A Little Bit

It’s been a bad week for Sony. I mean a real bad week. They got hacked and had not only personal information of employees stolen, but internal memos and other documents which have getting released on the internet. Not to mention a couple of new movies that haven’t even come out in theaters yet. Did they deserve it? I think a little bit, yeah they did.

gsmarena_002Why do I think this? Well, Sony has been part of the whole MPAA and pirate lawsuit fiasco since the beginning. The only thing Sony has done that isn’t “dick-ish”, is it’s policy with PlayStation and gamers being able to share games. Other wise, they’re pretty much ass hats in my opinion.

But do their employees deserve death threats? No, they don’t. No one does. Although, the hackers have said they are not the ones making the threats. But it’s still worth noting that North Korea, who reports say has a pretty decent cyber army at it’s disposal, may be behind this hack and it’s not like they haven’t been know to rattle a saber here and there. Plus, a name like GOP, Guardians of Peace, sound so much like a communist “thing”, I can’t help but see this as something  they would pull just to be an ass.

Haters gonna hate..

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  1. Sony deserves to get hacked. remember when they installed a root kit on everyone that bought on of their CD’s. It took me 6 months to get rid of it and I may still have it reporting back to Sony. Hope they suffer as much as I did.

  2. Fuck the rootkit bitches. They deserved it and more if for nothing else then for allowing so many hackers on the PSN. Fuck ’em again, with fire.

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