‘Agents of SHIELD’ Winter Finale – Thoughts and Recap

What a way to end the first half of the season! So much was revealed on the winter finale of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” including who Skye really is. 



Everything leads to this. Well, as far as “Agents of SHIELD” goes.

Wow, where to begin with last night’s big finale? Skye’s name revealed, a teammate lost. If you haven’t watched the episode yet we’re about to go all spoiler on you, so read at your own risk.

At the conclusion of the previous episode we were left wondering what happened to Mac after he was exposed so something in the hidden temple. He attacked the team and went all evil, and then fell into a 100 foot pit. Was he alive? Also, Ward had kidnapped Skye in exchange for letting May and her team live. That was of course frowned upon by Dr. Whitehall, he ordered the SHIELD bus shot down.

Coulson devises a plan to get Skye back. She is with Hyrda, who also happens to have Raina and her father – the Doctor.

When Skye meets up with her father it’s not exactly the reunion he wanted. He informs Skye what Whitehall did to her mother, and explains that she was special and so is Skye. He wants her to embrace the powers that will be given to her once she touches the obelisk/diviner. Obviously Skye wants nothing to do with this.

Skye’s father then reveals what I have been suspecting, and that’s that he was not on the side of Hydra, but simply keeping his enemies close. He used them to reunite him with Skye (with Ward’s help) and now he’s off to kill Whitehall. That doesn’t workout, as Whitehall sees this coming from a mile away. He discovers The Doctor’s real motives, as well as Ward’s motives and takes them captive.

The other SHIELD agents are exploring the temple and attempting to destroy it in order to keep Hydra and Whitehall out. If they get in, that could be some bad news.

I thought it was nice to see that Fitz has really come into his own here. He’s no longer afraid. I honestly think that his potential is being unlocked and Fitz will become an even bigger part of this universe.


The Doctor escapes and goes after Whitehall to seek his revenge, which has been driving him all these years. Except for Coulson shoots Whitehall before the Doctor can get to him. That doesn’t end well, and The Doctor attacks Coulson, but Skye breaks it up.


dad daisy

The Doctor calls her Daisy. That is Daisy as in Daisy Johnson aka Quake. The Doctor in the meantime is named Cal, as in Calvin Zabo aka Mister Hyde. Skye being Quake makes total sense. She’s a character with powers, SHIELD history, but she’s not so central that she will take away from the guys on the big screen. Get ready for things to get shaken up! Yup, I went there.

After Fitz, Simmons and Trip place explosives in the temple, Trip discovers that Skye and Coulson have gone down into the temple to chase Raina who took the obelisk down there. So far Skye and Raina are the only ones we know that can touch the obelisk without turning to stone.

skye obelisk

After Trip learns that they have gone back down, so he goes into the temple to disable the explosives and does so with just seconds to spare. We find out the Mac is still possessed by something, I’m not really sure what.

During all of this Raina somehow activates the obelisk which beings to lock down the temple. So clearly only those who are meant to be in there, are in there. After the obelisk activates and starts working Mac becomes normal again, it seems. Also, Trip somehow slides into the room where Skye and Raina are. He’s not supposed to be there.

The Obelisk does it’s thing and puts Skye and Raina into an odd stone cocoon. Trip panics and kicks the obelisk over, causing an explosion and pieces of the obelisk fly into him. It turns him to stone, and as it happens Skye begins to awake and sees it happen. Skye fully breaks out, and I’m fairly certain is was like a rebirth of her being Quake. Trip crumbles to pieces as Skye begins to shatter he stone covering.

skye birth

Skye fully breaks out, and I’m fairly certain is was like a rebirth of her being Quake. We also meet a man with no eyes who has another obelisk which has also activated. Raina has not broken out, so is she turning into something, or is she dead? I think she’s going all Inhuman on us, but not sure who yet.

Also happening was that Skye shot Ward when she went after her father. I totally thought Ward was dead, but he is saved by May’s evil twin, Agent 33. So these two rogue agents are just out there now. Who knows if Ward will survive. He’s clearly conflicted.

I also don’t think that Whitehall is dead. He’s survived this whole time only to be shot by Coulson in such an undramatic ending. No, I’m not buying it. You don’t kill Kraken that easily.

Also, Skye’s eyes changed color as well. Significance? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


The fact that the Doctor is actually Calvin Zabo is interesting because he’s a big part of the Masters of Evil with Baron Zemo. This is someone who is rumored to appear in the Marvel Cinematic or television universe at some point, so we could be heading towards that.

Overall it was an awesome winter finale. We still have some loose ends to tie up. The city was not fully revealed, and I’m not sure that they were in it. They kept calling it the temple, so maybe this isn’t part of the city as all. Also, I didn’t think Trip was going to die. I really liked him as a character, but that’s so typical Whedon to kill off someone we like. A death has to mean something, and him performing a selfless act totally does that. Similar to Coulson dying in “Avengers.” It really will provide motivation for the team.

By the way, I was totally fine when he died.

trip dies

In an interview with IGN producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen said that they have gotten into Inhuman territory, so that’s part of what will be explored going forward. It has been confirmed, so without a doubt that city is Attilan. Now we just have to wait and see if we see it on TV, or have to wait until the Inhumans film.

So what did you think? were you let down by Skye’s real identity? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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