Confirmed – Harrison Wells is Reverse Flash

All season long we’ve thought that Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells character was up to no good on CW’s “The Flash.” That was totally confirmed last night in the shows midseason winter finale. 

Harrison Wells has been a sort of mystery up until now. We know that he has a strong link to Barry Allen’s past, present and future. We’re not sure why he’s so concerned with Barry, but we do know that he is the character known as Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom.

r flash 1

The big reveal didn’t come until the final minutes of the show, which up until that point we thought we might be able to dismiss him being a villain – or at least a super villain.

Reverse Flash finally made himself known in last night’s episode and it was fantastic. We already knew of his existence in present time after he threatened Detective West. However last night he approached Barry. We still don’t know why he killed Barry’s mother, or if that was Harrison Wells. Clearly he has some ability to affect the time line – as the Flash does in the comic books.

After the first few episodes I thought that Harrison Wells was up to no good, but after a little while I started to trust him. Obviously I fell for that. Good on you “Flash” writers.


I guess the biggest questions are:

1) What’s up with that lightning bolt ring? Clearly something from the future. Maybe like a secret society of speedsters?

2) Is Harrison Wells really evil, or is he just trying to put Barry on the right path?

It was very cool to see that some how Harrison Wells was able to put himself in that suit without actually being in the suit. I’m not quite sure on how that happened, but it was awesome. The whole reveal was pretty good over all. I saw it coming, but I didn’t see it coming at the same time.

r flash 2

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