That Time That Spider-Man Almost Made It Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

So rumors are true. Marvel and Sony were in talks to do a crossover with Spider-Man and bring him into the Civil War story line. 



Oh how juicy this information was when there were rumblings early this year. Spider-Man joining up with the current MCU? Say it’s going to happen, please! Sorry, but no.

We all know that Spider-Man’s movie world is owned by Sony Pictures. They were recently hacked and a whole lot of leaked emails came out in the process. Some of those leaked emails detailed conversations that Marvel and Sony were having about bringing Spidey into the ‘Captain America: Civil War” story arch.

Unfortunately the talks crumbled into nothing and it looks like Spider-Man will continue to be looking in on the big party in the MCU from the outside.

According to IGN:

The e-mails reveal extensive discussions between executives at Sony and Marvel owner Walt Disney, all the way up to their respective chief executives Kaz Hirai and Robert Iger,” says the paper. “In an Oct. 30 e-mail, Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad tells [Sony motion picture chief Amy Pascal] about a potential scenario that would see Marvel produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies while Sony retains ‘creative control, marketing and distribution.

I’m just guessing that Marvel wanted a bit more control over what would be happening with one of their biggest characters, given the fact that Sony has done him no justice recently.

Currently the Spider-Man movies are a pretty big embarrassment to Marvel. I mean, not as big of an embarrassment as the Fantastic Four our a couple of X-Men movies that will remain nameless, but still, not good. They are working on a Sinister Six movie, as well as an animated Spider-Man comedy?

All the details are expected to come out after a big meeting about the future of Spider-Man and his films at Sony in January.


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