Price is Right Contestants Overbid on an iPhone, By A Lot!

I haven’t really watched the Price is Right since Bob Barker retired, and I like Drew Carey, but I really wished I was watching when this happened. I think I would have lost my lunch and done a spit take with a good belly laugh. 

In one the show’s best moments clips of 2014, they showed a group of contestants bid on a 16GB iPhone 6, with a year of service and 10GB data plan. Now their bids either reflect how they feel about the cell companies raking us over the coals, or they have zero clue how much a phone and service cost in America. I’m going to say it’s the first one. And this was a cleverly staged protest done on national TV to highlight how many of us feel when we see the bill every month. Yeah, on second thought, they just have no clue. Take a look and see for your self. And for the record, the actual retail price was $1900.


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