Gambit Film Gets 2016 Release Date

One of Marvel’s fan favorite mutants is hopefully going to be getting a big screen redemption. Channing Tatum will star as Cajun sensation Gambit, and we finally have a release date. 



Comic Book fans from the 90’s know and love Gambit. They were also really disappointed when they just randomly threw him into “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and kind of ruined the character. Now there is a chance for some sort of redemption – maybe.

Channing Tatum, who is by all accounts a meat head with some pretty sweet dance moves was cast to play the card slinging Cajun thief. Personally I’m just hoping that he doesn’t screw it up. He does call the South home (he’s from Alabama) so maybe a Cajun accent won’t be to hard for him to master.

There are a few things that I really want to see out of Tatum in the role.

  • Make me believe you are Gambit. That’s what Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth have all done with their characters.
  • Awesome staff skills. Swing that baby like the sun don’t shine.
  • Red eyes. At least a bit red.

Tatum released a tweet late Monday confirming the release of the film for 2016.

Unfortunately when FOX is involved there is always a chance they will screw things up, even though they have done a decent job with the recent X-Men films. As long as they stay true to the character and use the source material to their advantage it will be a good movie.

October 7, 2016 Gambit hits the big screen, so you better be ready, moneme.

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