5 Places Colder Than Where You Are Right Now

Yes, it’s cold as hell right now, but we don’t have it all that bad. There are plenty of places that are far colder than any part of the United States right now. 

Temperatures around the US are 15-30 degrees colder than they usually are. Some places are in the negatives, and there’s not enough hot cocoa to go around in some parts. But there are other places that are far colder, so just keep that in mind before you post about how annoying it is on social media.

Here are 5 places that are certainly colder than where you are.

1. Hoth (Star Wars)

Lucas Film

Lucas Film

Hoth is so cold that you can’t even be outside at night. The only way to keep warm if you are caught outside at night is to cut open your Tauntaun and climb inside. Get ready for a wild and stinky night.

2.  The Wall (Game of Thrones)



For that matter beyond The Wall is pretty damn cold too. A place where it’s always winter? No thank you. Not to mention all the craziness that is on the other side of the wall. White Walkers, Giants, crazy wildling tribes? Suddenly scrapping off your car doesn’t seem so bad.

3. Snow Miser’s Castle (The Year Without A Santa Claus)

Rankin & Bass

Rankin & Bass

I mean it’s a freakin’ ice castle, people. There is no heat what-so-ever. If you put a fire on in there, your home is a puddle – which wouldn’t be much better. He says right in the song he doesn’t like it to get below 40 degrees, and prefers it to be closer to 5. Not my idea of a great time.

4. Arendelle (Frozen)




Sure, it wasn’t always a winter wonder land, but before it wasn’t completely Frozen their main export was ice. So you can imagine how miserable that is.

5. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (DC Comics)

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

It’s located in the Arctic, it’s made of ice. It doesn’t seem like a great lace to hang out. Let’s face it, it wasn’t hard to convince people not to come over, Superman. Can you imagine him talking to Batman and the Flash? “Hey guys you wanna come over and watch the game and sit on my ice couch?” No thanks.

*Honerable mention to the world of Jotunheim, home of the Frost Giants in ‘Thor.’

Also, yes I know these places aren’t real.

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