Tech Tuesday – President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron Come Out Against Personal Encryption

It appears that President Obama thinks that the 4th Amendment and your privacy is over rated when it comes to your smart phone, and Internet connection, because they need to have access to find the bad guys. Really? When did Al-Queda and ISIS start using my iPhone? You know, the one I keep in my pocket all day?

Now the argument that the government is making and you guys and gals in the U.K. should be paying attention too, is that if our phones are encrypted, that they can’t search for the bad guys. It makes it harder for them to make a case to bring them to justice. I guess that whole metadata program, Prism, isn’t enough. And I’m guessing that those StingRay devices that capture mobile phone data isn’t helping either? I mean you guys seem to be doing pretty well with collecting all kinds of data. I’m flattered you think my new shiny iPhone 6 holds the magic bullet to a case I have no clue or any involvement in. So forgive me if I seem to be at a loss why you need to see what I have on my phone?

461493558-0413064fa17225078efd5be62f1df4e39fc433c4-s800-c15So let’s make something perfectly clear. No, you may not have access to my phone, and I will not allow access with out due process of law. You know, that pesky thing called a Declaration of Independence that says I have some “inalienable” rights or some such nonsense. And it’s backed up with that Constitution “thingy”. You want my data? Get a warrant.

Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, with all due respect to your offices, please take this as formal notice to fuck off. You guys seem to have forgotten what we have fought for, and what many have died for. Freedom and liberty has a price and many people have given sacrificed for that price, to allow me to be able to say what I just told you to do. You claim it protects us, yet we lose our freedoms that you say you are protecting. I would say gentlemen, you are in a catch 22 and your only course of action is to step back and figure out a different way. Because like it or not, this is how revolutions have started. And I think that kind of thing, doesn’t look good on a resume, or in the history book.

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