Marvel Universe Set To End – Secret Wars Sets It Up

Big BIG news out of the comic book world. We learned news earlier this week that the Marvel Comic Universe would be coming to an end. We now know that the upcoming Secret Wars story will set up that fate. 



Back in the 1980’s we saw both Marvel and DC comics do huge crossover events within their comic book universes. This was the first time that Marvel did a Secret Wars story, and they’re bringing it back in May 2015.  What I didn’t realize about the upcoming Secret Wars was how similar it would be to DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths story line.

What DC did in 1985 was take a their entire convoluted universe and bring it together for a story that gave them a clean slate to operate from. They did it again a few years ago with the New 52 line which basically started the DC universe over.

It looks like this is the direction the Marvel Universe is heading in – sort of. I can’t gather that it will be a complete reboot to their comic books, but what it is doing is ending the Ultimate universe and the 616 universe and making one Marvel universe again.

What I could gather from the big announcement from Marvel yesterday is that they are trying to take the best parts of their universe to make it into just one again. The heroes from both 616 and Ultimate will be transported to a place called Battleworld. This is where we see who survives and makes it into the Marvel world that will exist after Secret Wars, I guess.

I think that what is really happening here is Marvel is trying to make things a bit simpler. I also think that they are trying to focus on their cinematic universe and possibly trying to match things up with that. It could also be a way of taking jabs at the other studios who own the rights to certain Marvel properties.

They’ve killed off Wolverine and Deadpool. They look like they’re prepared to give Mile Morales the full Spider-Man treatment after Secret Wars, so that takes Peter Parker out of the equation – for now. So that really makes it hard for the studios when the company responsible for the characters isn’t backing you anymore.

Yes, it is all really confusing. Let’s just sit back and see how it all plays out.



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