SPOTTED: Taylor Swift’s Illusive Belly Button Makes Rare Public Appearance

This is big news people. Big, big news. Why you ask? Because T-Swizzle has very openly said in the past that she doesn’t like to show her belly button, so what changed her mind?



Forget Kim Kardashian’s oiled up booty, Taylor Swift’s belly button might be the thing to break the internet. According to E! her fans are absolutely freaking out over a look at her midriff.

So why is this a big deal? It’s very rare to see Swift in a bikini, let alone one that reveals her magically little stomach hole. Maybe it holds some sort of special powers within? I’m just glad to see that she has one, because now we know that she’s not an alien – like Kyle XY – or a robot programmed to get catchy songs stuck in our heads.

In the photo Swift looks like she’s certainly been doing her crunches. Maybe she’s just proud of her toned midsection and finally wanted to show it off. Who knows.

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  1. Reblogged this on Effervescent Francois! and commented:
    Taylor has a cute bellybutton! Where has it been all these years?

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