Facebook Went Down and 5 People Lost Their Shit and Called 911

Every website, and I mean every website, has downtime. Be it maintenance or a hardware failure, or even something with their network, it’s going to happen from time to time. It even happens to Facebook, which did happen on Monday, but for so brief a time, not much was made of it, except by the people that called 911 to report Facebook was down. 

911-CALL-CENTERYes, you read that correctly, 5 people actually called the San Fransisco 911 call center to report Facebook being down. I mean, I like Facebook to a point, but not to a point where my world goes into chaos and I crawl into the fetal position and wish for the sweet release of death. How ever you look at it, these people really need to get outside and soak up some sun.

One actually called back to get the 911 operator to tell them how rude they were, when they told said caller, that 911 was for life threatening emergencies. I wonder what would happen if their cable goes down? Do they form small fiefdoms and start a ad hoc government to preserve the human race? File this under Whack-a-doodles…

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