X-Jock Predicts The Winner of the Super Bowl

Who will win the Super Bowl Sunday?  The New England Patriots are attempting to dethrone the defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, whom are trying to be the first team to repeat as winners since – the Patriots.   After going over very important football-related research, we at X-Jock have predicted this year’s winner.  See who each of us is taking to hoist the Lombardi tomorrow.

Super Bowl XLIX kicks off at 6:30 PM tomorrow, with the Patriots and Seahawks meeting up to determine this year’s champion.  OddsShark has Las Vegas giving the advantage to Seattle, favoring them by two points.  We have done some vast research here at X-Jock, as we always do, and each of us has came up with a prediction for tomorrow’s big game winner.

Big Rich: Seattle Seahawks.  Why?  “I like birds” is BR’s response.  He’d like to point out he knows very little about sports and once went to a Yankee game, not realizing it was the World Series.

BJ: New England Patriots.  BJ is tired of all the haters and the “Deflate Gate” nonsense.   NE wins 27-14, according to his math.  When asked how he came this potential score, BJ said “Wilson sucks.”  We’re not sure if he’s referring to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks QB, or Earl Hindman from Home Improvement.  To BJ’s  credit, Tim Allen really did carry the show.  All Wilson did was mumble through a fence…

Scottie B: Seattle Seahawks.  Scottie channeled his inner Rock, stating “The Legion of Boom, is gonna lay the Smack down on Brady’s candy ass!”  As a big WWE fan, Scottie may have confused Seattle’s stellar defense, nicknamed the Legion of Boom, with his favorite wrestling tag team, Legion of Doom.  Either way, if you follow Scottie, you’re taking the Seahawks.  Ohhhhh What a Rush!

Monte: Everyone watching the halftime show.  I’ve broken down all the stats.  The game these two teams played back in 2012, with Seattle winning 24-23; the Seattle D that only gives up 16.8 points per game, the fact that New England gives up 104.89 yards on the ground and the Seahawks have Beast Mode blah blah blah BLAH.  Two words – KATY. PERRY.  Perry will be performing at the half this year.  Here is a recent photo she posted of herself on Instagram, in the Seahawk’s locker room:

Sweet lord.  Does the outcome really matter after watching Perry perform?  That being said, if I had to make a guess – I’ll take the Patriots to win.  If Katy Perry hangs out in the Seahawks’ locker room like that, there is zero chance Seattle is focusing on the game.

Who do you think wins the Super Bowl?

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