Freddie Mercury Lives In Unreleased Song on Queen’s Latest Album [VIDEO]

I’ve always been a Queen fan, especially of Freddie Mercury. He was, in my opinion, the greatest frontmen in rock music. His vocal range was awesome and even to hear him sing along side opera singers, was amazing to listen to. I don’t know how I had missed the release of this song back in November of 2014, but I’m glad it crossed my radar. But check out this video of this previously unreleased song. It makes me feel like Freddie never left us.

The new album called Queen Forever was released back in November or 2014, and gives us this new track that Freddie sang on before his death, as well as a remox of “Love Kills” that Freddie did solo, but May took and remastered. The album also has remastered versions of Queen classics, that range between 1973 and these new releases. While the Love Kills track sounds very atypical for Queen, it’s definitely something I could imagine Freddie singing on one of this solo projects.

It’s really cool to see some of the stuff that was left in the vault finally coming out for us to hear. Freddie was loved by the fans, and his loss has yet to be filled, and I’m sorry to say, most likely will never be filled. But I’m thankful for what he did leave us. Freddie Lives on!


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