Jack White’s Tour Rider Leaked in University of Oklahoma Paper

Jack White’s tour rider and contract was leaked in the University of Oklahoma newspaper.  How much does a huge rock star charge and what demands are made?  We’ll delve into financials, White’s 48-towel need, the hatred for bananas – and his dehydration issue.

Jack White played a concert at the University of Oklahoma earlier this week and the school’s news paper published White’s tour rider, as well as all of the financial information.  What does a big rock star ask for these days?  A plethora of water, couches, towels and by all means – no bananas.

Under the Meals portion of the tour rider, White’s management states this is a “NO BANANA TOUR” and they “don’t want to see any bananas anywhere in the building.”  Weird?  Not really  – aren’t there fruits you hate?  No pineapples for me, please.  White loves to be hydrated for a two-hour show, though.  Drink demands include:

36 bottles of Spring water for his dressing room.

6 bottles of sparkling water.

4 bottles of fresh smoothie juices.

6 cans each of Coke and Coke Zero.

The same drink menu is also requested for the band’s dressing room.  Yes, Jack has 52 beverages all to himself.  There is also the crew and driver dressing room, which must include the 12 cans of Coke, 6 bottles of sparkling water and another entire case of Spring water.  Let’s not forget the production office that needs another case of Spring water and two more bottles of sparkling water.  A cooler filled with water must be present on stage.  Depending on the time of the concert, breakfast, lunch or dinner must be provided as well as food and drink for any possible After Show events and the bus.

So not including the actual daily meals – just the drinks that must be stocked in dressing rooms before the show, I count 172 drinks (assuming there are 24 bottles of water in a case) plus the cooler of water on stage.  There are 196 drinks waiting – and more with meals, for Jack White’s touring party, which has only 31 – THIRTY ONE people.  How many guests are you inviting backstage before the show, Jack?  ‘Fess up – you’re really a camel, hiding in secrecy in a human costume, right?

Maybe Jack White invites many guests to each show during his tour.  The rider states that there must be seven dressing rooms available.  One room just for Jack White, one for the band, crew and driver, VIP and guests,  wardrobe, a dressing room for the opening band and one room to be used for production.  I count 6 couches, 16 chairs and 6 tables combined for the rooms, and enough furniture in the VIP area for an additional 16 people.  That’s still only about 50 people –  who’s drinking all that water?!

The food requests aren’t all the strange.  Jack himself wants a NY Strip steak and veggies after the show ends.  The rest of the crew asks for a variety of snacks including chips, salami, chocolate, gummy bears and what appears to be an awesome guacamole recipe.

The quirky request that stands out to me – 48 large, clean towels.  Does the crew not shower at the hotels or on the tour bus?  Are you really showering at the venue?  Do you throw all 48 towels out after one use?  Again, there are 31 people on tour with Jack White so are VIP guest feeling the urge to shower at the concert?  I’ve never had so many questions about towels.

University of Oklahoma newspaper also revealed the cash Jack White pocketed for the show, too.   Cost:

$80,000 to play.

90% of ticket sales, which was potentially $147,000+

100% of CD/DVD sales

85% of t-shirt sales.

Hold up, Jack .  You’re fixing to make over a quarter million bucks to play a two-hour show?  No wonder why you’re cool with throwing out 48 towels every night.

If you want to check out the entire tour rider and financial information, check out the paper’s link here.

In the end, Jack White’s tour demands aren’t all that insane.  Water and towels.  Could be worse, right? I mean, he’s known for diggings some exceptionally strange items:

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