‘How to Get Away With Murder’ – You Had Me, You Lost Me, You Got Me Back

I have an odd relationship with television. I become obsessed with shows that I love, and become filled will all kinds of hate for shows that I don’t care for or for shows that betray my trust. Let’s just say that my relationship with ABC’s new “How To Get Away With Murder” has been up and down. 



Last fall my wife and I decided to DVR the premier episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Needless to say after viewing the first one we both decided this was one of the best television decisions that we had made.

This show was awesome! Viola Davis plays Annalise Keating, a tough as hell lawyer who was taking some law students under her wing and showing her how to win cases that most defense attorneys would lose. Throughout the first half of the season we learn about her students, her life and her husband, Sam. SPOILERS from this point forward.

Sam, we learn in the first few episodes, has been killed by Annalise’s students/interns. The why is still unclear. So the entire first half of the season is basically a flashback. Throughout the whole thing we really learn to connect with Wes, the lost puppy of the show. We travel with him through his journey to overcome being a wait-listed student, being poor yet having no paying job, and living next to  a bartender/drug dealer/emo girl, Rebecca. Rebecca was friends with Lila – who is the murdered victim this show gets its basis from. Did Rebecca kill Lila? Maybe.

The whole time all of this mystery is unfolding, and the mystery of Lila’s murder – who we assume Sam did it – this show is pushing the envelope. Well, as far as network television is concerned anyway. The sex, the violence, the subjects.

It was to the point where I couldn’t wait to watch. I just wanted it to continue when the episode would end. My wife and I would have discussions about our theories of what was happening and who was responsible.

Then they went on their winter break after we find out what happened to Sam. Then they came back, and the show started to lose me.

Everything that they did in the first half to draw me in they seemed to put on the back burner. Why? I have no idea. It just seemed to be a different show. It went from a balls-to-the-wall show to a slow moving emotional mess. I suppose we’re dealing with the aftermath of a murder, so I get that, but the stories were getting weak. Viola Davis’ Annalise was becoming weak. I liked her strong willed Annalise, not her crying in bed feel sorry for me character.

I was at the point where I would look at my DVR and skip over it to watch something else. I mean, it wasn’t on a “Gotham” shitty level, but I just wasn’t excited to see it anymore.

However now, one episode before the finale, this show has me back. Maybe this was their plan the whole time? Well it worked. Now as it turns out Rebecca may have been covering up the Lila murder the entire time. Was she playing Wes and the rest of the team? Was the show playing me? Who the fuck is Rudy, and why did he go crazy and start scratching his wall?

Whatever the case, this show had me, and started to lose me, but reeled me right back in. So thank you for that. I’m very much looking forward to the finale next week and finally wrapping this mystery up. Oh, it’s 2 hours, by the way. So buckle up.

*Theory: Is Wes Annalise’s son? Think about it? Why does she seem so protective of him? Discuss. 

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