Yes, There are Really People Out There Who Don’t Believe in Dinosaurs

I know many of you are Christians and are good honest people. But can you join me in mocking this particular group that is trying to teach others – including children – the deny the existence of dinosaurs? You would be doing everyone a favor. 

Christians Against Dinosaurs

Christians Against Dinosaurs

People have odd beliefs. But their beliefs are their own, and freedom of religion grants them the freedom to believe in them. Personally I was raised as a Catholic. Now I don’t 100% practice good Catholicism per say, but I would say I’m a good person. At least I’m good enough to never teach my kids that something that is proven to have walked the earth at one point is a big lie by nonbelievers.

I’m of course talking about a group called Christians Against Dinosaurs. They don’t believe that God created dinosaurs. They believe that they are a myth. You know, like unicorns, the chupacabra, griffens and the jackalope.  The biggest difference in the mythical creatures that I mentioned here and dinosaurs is that there are fossils of dinosaurs in museums all around the world. They also believe that fossils are a big hoax.

I just watched this really stupid video where this woman keeps referring to fossils with air quotes suggesting that paleontologists carve stones into the shape of bones. I won’t post it here because I don’t want you to waste your time watching it like I did. She also suggests that it’s made up because the first ever fossil they found looked just like how they thought it would without evidence. Like some guy wasted his time just gluing rocks together until they looked like perfectly formed bones.



So I decided to do a little bit of research.

As a matter of fact, back in 1690 the curator of the English museum,Robert Plot, thought that he had discovered the thigh bone of a giant man. Fast forward to 1822 and some teeth were discovered. They thought that these teeth belonged to large iguana. It wasn’t until 1841 that another man, Richard Owen discovered that these teeth were unique that they belonged to a totally different species than anything currently on the earth. He dubbed these creatures “dinosauria.”

Now I wouldn’t blame people back then for freaking out at the thought of something like a dragon actually existing. They burned women at the stake they believed were witches. Not exactly the brightest. This, however, is the year 2015, and we have years of research and findings to prove that 250 million years ago something totally different was living on our planet.

I shouldn’t really have to tell you any of this being that most of us learned about this when we were kids. My wife went to Catholic school her entire life and remembers learning about fossils in her science class.

I know what you’re going to say next, “But BJ, there’s no mention of dinosaurs in the bible.” I happened to stumble on this pretty informative site called Clarifying Christianity. Mind you it looks like it was created in 1996, but it gave me what I was looking for. There are mentions of creatures that resemble dinosaurs in the bible. It’s in the Book of Job – which is in the Old Testament. He writes about animals called tanniyn, behemoth, and leviathan. Now they aren’t actually called dinosaurs, but as the website points out they are basically describing giant creatures that most notably resemble a brachiosaurus and kronosaurus. Some translations might think that they are talking about an elephant or a hippo but elephants and hippos didn’t have giant tales that they describe these creatures as having. Unless you want to say “well maybe they used to” but do you think these people will also believe in evolution? Not a chance.


So yeah. These people exist and I think it’s our job as good human beings to make sure they don’t attempt to educate any of our children.

Have they seen or read “Jurassic Park?!” It’s awesome. Maybe the “Lost World” could have been better and there was that horrible third movie but this new one with Chris Pratt looks pretty damn great.

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  1. My name is Kyra and I am a Christian Against Dinosaurs.

    We at CAD quite soundly understand the theory of evolution to be a fair theory that represents evolution. Your lack of research lets you down and to call for the mockery of things you do not understand is not good form. I’m sorry you feel this way.

    God bless.

  2. Very glad that you spent exactly zero time researching our beliefs in the group. Very few of us are YEC or Bible literalists, yet you’ve taken your pre conceived notion of what you feel should be a group of 17,000 uneducated yokels with limited access to media and “learnin books.”

    If your intent was a hastily thrown together piece of poor journalism then good work, sir. Also, a WordPress domain for an unpopular and basic blog is roughly $100/year. Few less Mountain Dews in mom’s basement and you’ll cover the cost easily.

    Thank you and God bless.

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