Star Wars Rebels Season Finale Looks To Be Bad Ass!

After watching this trailer for the season finale of Star Wars Rebels 5 times in a row, you tell me if you don’t think this episode is going to be bad ass. Plus, we’re going to find out who Fulcrum is? I have a thought on that. 

The prevailing rumor is that Fulcrum is Ahsoka, Anakin Skywalkers’s padawan during the Clone Wars. Well, I pretty much agree with that. I think she is Fulcrum, and she has been working with Bail Organa on building a rebellion against Emperor Palpatine and her former Master, now Sith Lord, Darth Vader. But in the video, at about 56 seconds, we hear the Inquisitor say “A fight worthy of my time!” Does this mean we could see Ahsoka fighting the Inquisitor? And did you see the Blockade runners? I counted 3 of them. And the Star Destroyer that was going down in flames. Can we expect to see a major battle? The actual start of it all?

But the slug at the end asks us “Who Will Fall?” I hope not Ahsoka, at least not yet. I think she should play a bigger part in this series. Bringing her in and then having something terrible happen to her, just kind of seems like a cop out to me.

But we won’t have long to wait, as the latest episode, “Fire Across The Galaxy” airs tonight on Disney XD.

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