Couple Arrested For Eating a Chicken in Walmart Then Not Paying For It

From the “I can believe this story, because it happened in a Walmart” department, a man and a woman were arrested after eating a whole rotisserie chicken and then leaving the store without paying for it. I’m starting to believe that Walmart is as crazy as Florida men are, because of some of the stories that come out of that place. 

tommy-crandall melissa-crandallMelissa Crandall and Tommy Crandall are alleged to have wandered around the Troy Walmart while eating the suspected chicken, and washing it down with some soda, all while shopping. For what they were shopping for wasn’t released, but I’m guessing it’s not for groceries. Or maybe it was. After eating the whole chicken, they attempted to hide the packaging and and walk out of the store. Store security must had been on top of it as they were stopped after leaving the store and State Police were brought in, who arrested them.

No word on bail or if the chicken was delicious. I’m guessing it was delicious.


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