Rumor: Marvel and Sony May Have Already Found Their Next Spider-Man

Ever since the big news hit about Spider-Man finally joining the MCU there have been rumors flying about the internet like whoa. A new rumor today, reported by Movie Pilot, suggests that Marvel and Sony have already found the next web head. 



According to the article, a Reddit user going by the handle redditleaker23456 has information that proves that Dylan O’Brien will be playing Spider-Man in the heroes next film incarnation. This wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering O’Brien was a favorite bay many fans to play the role. He was also rumored to have been a front runner by the studios along side “Percy Jackson” actor, Logan Lerman.

O’Brien, 23, is known for his role in MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and last summer’s “The Maze Runner.” Some of you might also recognize him from “The Internship”, where he starred beside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn,.

Now this is just a rumor, and nothing is confirmed. So don’t take our word for it. There are conflicting reports from sources like IGN that suggest that Marvel and Sony are looking to cast an ethnic Spider-Man. Mile Morales portrays Spidey in the Ultimate Universe in the comics, so they could be looking to incorporate him eventually.

As much as I am pulling for Logan Lerman (nothing is official after all) I would be fine with O’Brien taking on the role. He’s proven himself to be pretty good is these type of situations, and the MCU could use some more youth.

We’ll just have to sit back and see what the big Marvel announcement will be that was teased by Robert Downey Jr. last week. We bet it’s this, but you never know.

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