Researcher Makes Yogurt From The Bacteria in Her Vagina

We’ve heard about the woman who knitted things with yarn she had in her vagina, but now, a researcher has decided to make yogurt from the bacteria in her vagina. Yum!

MD_cup-of-yogurtEarlier in the year, Cecilia Westbrook from the University of Wisconsin, Madison decided to see what would happen if she used some of the bacteria that lives in every woman’s vagina to make the common food item. She did this because she was amazed that no one else had tried, based on the amount of research on the good and bad bacteria. Really? No one else?

But according to an article at Science Alert, some of the species of bacteria found in vaginas are very similar to the ones used to make the yogurt we buy in stores. But when researched got down to actually making the yogurt, it didn’t appear to work as well as they were hoping. As for how it tasted, there is no mention of that in the article.

From a science side though, it’s being said that while this experiment was kind of “clumsy”, it was important for researching biotics and probiotics from a medical standpoint. That is good to know that this kind of research is being done to help keep us healthy, but if it’s all the same, I’ll skip the yogurt when it comes to eating healthy, and stick to fruits and veggies.

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