Disney Reportedly Working on Live-Action Mulan Film

Forget about all this animated stuff. Disney has decided that they want to re-imagine and reboot some of your favorites with live-action movies. 

For those of you not familiar with this Disney classic from 1998, it focuses on Mulan. She decides to take her place in the Chinese army in her father’s place. That’s where she meets up with Eddie Murphy and Donny Osmond. And a Mongolian version of Pete from “Goof Troop” is the bad guy.

At any rate, with the success of Disney’s live-action take on “Cinderella” it’s no wonder they’ve moved forward. Don’t forget they also did the live-action “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Maleficent”. Also on the way are live-action versions of “The Jungle Book” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Mulan is a story that could totally be done on a live action level, but who would play the part?

Jamie Chung played the part of ABC’s live-action fairy tale show, “Once Upon A Time”, but it’s doubtful she would reprise the role on film. Ming Na Wen, now in her 50’s and pretty involved with “Agents of SHIELD”, voiced the character back in the original 1998 animated film. So she probably can’t take on the role now, but she’s not dismissing the idea. She got a lot of support on twitter, and told her fans to keep at Disney and let them know.

All I know is that I hope they keep this song in there.


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